My Focus

Every business, be it fledgling or established, has a right to an impeccable digital presence. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or piloting a small-to-medium enterprise, let’s ensure your digital footprint is nothing short of exceptional.

From standout website design to robust website support, I’ve got your online base covered. Beyond the web, I craft compelling marketing materials—including presentations, reports, and captivating infographics—that resonate with your audience.

But that’s not all; with a deep understanding of SEO, I’ll ensure your business doesn’t just shine, but also gets seen by the right people.

Give your venture the expertise it deserves and watch it flourish. Ready to elevate your digital game? Reach out now!

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Website Design | Management

Does your website need updating and/or regular maintenance? When was the last time it was backed up? Do you need a new design or a refresh? Are you looking for an e-commerce website? Take a look at my portfolio. I can help! Click to see some of our clients.

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Digital Marketing | Strategy

Do you know who your customers are? Do you know where they are? What are your REAL social media expectations and are they realistic? We analyze your current marketing and offer SEO services. I am Sprout Social Certified too! These questions and more are important to growing your company. Let's work together to succeed!> Schedule a Consultation.

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Technology Project Management

I know what it takes to complete your technology projects on time and within your budget. Do you need help selecting or managing a vendor? Are you moving from one vendor to another? Let's work together to get it done! Schedule a Consultation.

A headshot of Jocelyn D. Patrick, President. She is a Black woman with medium brown eyes and short, salt-n-pepper grey hair. She is wearing gold earrings, dark burgundy lipstick and a red sleeveless top.

Jocelyn D. Patrick

about Me

In the dynamic landscape of technology, I’ve been a steadfast guide for businesses looking to maximize their impact. I’ve championed organizations as they delve into the digital world, making sure they make the most of every technological opportunity.

While I’ve collaborated with a variety of establishments, from corporate giants to budding startups, my passion truly ignites when working with non-profits. Those with an unwavering dedication to environmental causes hold a special place in my heart. In a world crying out for sustainable solutions, I firmly believe that with the right technological guidance, these organizations can create lasting change.

What sets me apart isn’t just the breadth of my experience but its application. My strength lies in seamlessly translating organizational objectives into tangible technology strategies. I’m not here to just recommend solutions; I’m here to be a genuine partner. Together, we’ll align your technology endeavors with your core mission, ensuring it resonates with your stakeholders and our environment.

In essence: If you’re a small to medium business or an environmentally-driven non-profit ready to amplify your technological impact, let’s collaborate. Your mission, combined with strategic technology, can pave the way for transformative change, and I’m committed to helping you navigate that path.

Let's discuss!

Schedule a 30 minute consultation with me to discuss your how we can solve your problems together. 

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