The focus

How do you tell your digital story? How do you support it, keep it updated and what do you do to make it better for your potential and current customers?

I believe no business should have less access to technology expertise because of its size. As an entrepreneur, small or medium sized business, there is no reason you or your business should be at a technology disadvantage. You need to service your customers, let me manage and maintain your technology. You deserve access to the expertise to produce positive results for your business using the technology you have or need to invest in. That is why you are here and that is the partnership that I can provide.

Project Management

I know what it takes to complete your technology project on time and within your budget. Do you need help selecting or managing a vendor? Do you need help organizing information for grants? Let's work together to get it done.

Design | Support | Management

Does your website need updating and/or regular maintenance? When was the last time it was backed up? Do you need a new design or a refresh? Are you looking for an e-commerce website? Take a look at my portfolio. I can help. Click to see some of our clients.

Technology Problem Solving

Do you have technology issues that you don't understand? Did the sales pitch promise things it can't deliver? Are you curious about or need to put on a virtual event? This is where I can help.

Software Support

Do you use software that you just don't understand? Do you need to learn how to make your software do what you need? Do you or your employees have daily issues using your software and hardware? Are there issues with Zoom meetings? Is MS Teams frustrating? I can help everyone be more productive.

Jocelyn D. Patrick, President of tech4results

about Me

I have provided technology support for users in the profit and noN-profit sectors but what does that mean for you? It means you have access to everything I’ve learned about supporting, training and enhancing the user experience. I am passionate about making sure YOU get the most out of your technology investment using my ability to translate non-technical business goals into tangible technology enhancements and improvements. This makes everyone more productive by providing the information and training you need to move you and your company forward. The mission, to allow your technology to produce the business results you expect and your customers and users deserve.

Let's discuss!

Jocelyn D. Patrick

Tel: (862) 320-0119


Schedule a 30 minute consultation with me to discuss ways to tell YOUR digital story. The cost of the consultation will be subtracted from your first project!