Website Projects

Great! You’re intrigued and you’re here to find out more!

I’m guessing you never thought of the web as a story telling vehicle, unless you’re a writer or a poet right? Or maybe you thought everyone just creates a website, puts it out there and people will buy their stuff! Not quite. It could be just the opposite as well if you’re thinking “I know someone who had a website for their business, and it made no difference at all so why bother?”

Ironically ALL those situations happen and there is a simple reason behind it. You can’t just ‘build it and they will come’ because even if they do, they need a REASON to buy what you’re selling. THAT is your digital story. If you’re an average cook, a website won’t make you a chef. If you have a website, it won’t MAKE people buy your product, but websites serve several functions that can be important to your business. Schedule a Consultation 


The Cake Pound Front Page v2
Headquarters Sheep Farm Home Page
tech4results - Brooklyn Greenway Initiative Front Page

General Projects

Completed a needs analysis resulting in ongoing technical recommendations and ongoing support projects.

BW NICE Women's Empowerment Graphic

After completing a needs analysis, we produced the Inaugural Women’s Empowerment Virtual Conference.

Sociavi Company Logo
Global Innovation Search Logo

Completed a successful grant writing project. The result advanced Sociavi to the audience voting round. We continue to provide on-going technical and operational support resulting in smooth and consistent operations.

Wilson IP Law Logo

Reviewed their computer operations systems. This resulted in several software upgrades and we continue to provide technical support as needed.

McArdle Consulting Logo

After a needs analysis we recommended a solution to their CRM request.